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What People Are Saying About Drifter

Insane Flavour!

"I first tried Drifter Bar when your sales team sent me out some samples. I gave them to my staff to try and after the feedback I got, I felt compelled to also give it a go and WOW was I impressed. There really is NO eliquid with this amount of flavour! We now stock every flavour and can't wait for the next flavours!."

Ken R, Belfast


"Once you go Drifter Bar you never go back. Cannot get enough of the Sweet Strawberry Ice! It tastes just like a flavour I know and love!"

Jenny P, Peterborough

Best Watermelon Flavour I've Ever Tried!

"Tried the Watermelon Ice after buying it in a 888 Vapour store and I can't get enough of it! Everything about Drifter is just wicked, clean and screams class. Trust me, try the watermelon, it's incredible."

Morgan T, Leeds

Cherry for days!

"I first tried the Cherry at a testing station in a 888 Vapour store and ever since, I cant get enough of the flavours! Now there's a Drifter site I have my favourite liquids at the tap of a finger!"

Patrick P, Spalding

Pink Lemonade is the one!

"So many liquids out there saying they are lemonade flavour, but i swear down, the Drifter Pink Lemonade is the ONLY one that actually lives up to the name! I genuinely don't know how youve managed it, but thats easy the best lemonade flavour juice I've ever tried!"

Tom C, Nottingham

Just wow.

"Where do i begin. Just wow. Every single flavour I've tried is my favourite. I can't decide which I like best. Is it possible to vote for all of them?"

Jessica, Swansea

Strawberry Banana tastes amazing!

"Strawberry Banana tastes better than the Elf Bar flavour I tried when I first started vaping! Cannot get enough!"

Michael, Essex